SMART Automated COVID019 Screening Walkthrough

Product Description

This runs on Cloud platform and is fully automated. It comes with a self-registration App ideal for Events, Schools, Mining, Shopping Malls or any public place with a high footprint. On the registration the individual answers the typical COVID-19 questions then takes a selfie of themselves and their profile is loaded on to the platform together with their risk profile which could be Low or High, assessed by how they answered the questions. The profile is then synced to the Face kiosk on the walkthrough platform, when they walk through the platform it recognises them using facial recognition from the selfie then pules up their profile, it then verifies their temperature records it, detects if they are wearing a mask then they have to trigger a sense that dispenses hand sanitizer and this is also recorded. Once all these access protocols are confirmed the unit then instructs  barrier to open, the system will not open if anyone is not confirmed i.e. if temperature is higher, face mask not detected, or the hand sanitizer sensor not triggered. The system informs the individual which parameter is missing to gain access. In the event of high temperature detection, the individual’s profile with their temperature reading is sent to a central database with flagged individuals for further investigation and an email is sent to whoever is the person of authority to implement further protocols. All this happens in real time. The facial recognition module can also be linked to an access token like a ticket or card to  the persons biometric identity for access. The walkthrough is movable and has a built-in pallet jack system which also comes standard with a battery pack that can run for up to 4 hours or more depending on how busy the traffic is.