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COVID-19 Essentials

By Jun 11, 2020covid-19

84 days have lapsed since the first reported case of COVID-19 on our shores. From that day onwards, life has never been the same. As the President said, “it is in your hands now,” to put in place measures to contain the spread of the virus and save lives.

As we begin the road to recovery, helping our Industries and Schools go back to work safely is our top priority. At PDG Promotions, we have added to our range Disinfecting Sprays that are easy to use for your work place, homes, and all transport modes. We have also increased our capacity on Fabric Masks to easy the pressure on Medical Masks that are being used by our Health Frontline.

Due to the increase number of people going back to work, we as PDG will continue playing our part to help flatten the curve so we have doubled up on all COVID-19 Essentials like Surgical MasksSurgical GlovesDisinfection Liquids and all Awareness Signage just to name a few.

If you require any PPE, please visit our online shop and purchase your requirements at discounted prices.

It is in your hands now” – Nelson Mandela. Together we can defeat the virus, for now, let’s keep safe and save lives.